“Passion and craftsmanship combined with new production process and strict controls led to create a consolidated but innovative business.

Macrì Dessert was founded in 2007 and today produces and sells high quality frozen pastry products in Italy and abroad, satisfying even the most demanding palates with its finest standards”

All the taste of our cakes combined with the convenience of being already cut and ready to be served.


Discover our precut cakes

A small dessert to surprise your guests or to satisfy your taste.


Discover our single portions

A soft sponge cake covered with delicious creams for tasty slices to share.


Discover our long cakes

A little and tasty pleasure, perfect to complete your meal with a sweet moment.


Discover our bowls

A tasty jar for a new super creamy dessert.


Discover our barattolì

Le golose, ideal to add a touch of sweetness at the end of the meal.


Discover our slices

Le fascinose, the new creativity signed by Macrì.


Discover our fascinose


MACRI’ DESSERTS SRL Località Sant’Antuono,

Polla (SA)




+39 0975 331812

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